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What is Manual Butterfly Valve

Manual butterfly valve

The manual valve can be fully opened and fully closed, rotated it usually less than 90 degrees, high vacuum butterfly valve and butterfly locking bar itself is not strong, in order to position the disc to install the valve stem on the worm gear. The use of worm gear reducer, not only can make the butterfly plate with self-locking capability, so that the...


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The blog is about the news and information of sanitary valves such as sanitary butterfly valves, sanitary ball valves and so on.

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How to Select the Valve

How to select the valve according to the nature of the valve drive

1 power driven valve

Power driven vacuum valve is common drive valve, usually referred to as the form of the drive device for the valve electric device.

The features of valve electric device are as follows:

1) open and close rapidly, can greatly shorten the time required to open and close the valve;



Metal Sealing Ball Valve Market Development

Metal sealing ball valve market developmentMetal sealing ball valve is used at high utilization rate in metallurgy, sewage treatment, paper making, coal powder conveying, coal injection system, ash discharge system, sludge, waste water treatment, pulp transportation and other occasions.

During the annual demand for the amount of the metal sealing sanitary ball valve, the...


Principle and Layout Design of Diaphragm Valve

Principle and layout design of high vacuum diaphragm valveHigh vacuum diaphragm valve is a relatively special intercept valve, presented in 1920s. Its opening and closing is made of a piece of soft material diaphragm, the valve body cavity, the valve cover cavity and drive parts are from each other, so called diaphragm valve. 

High vacuum diaphragm valve is actually just a...



What is Lined butterfly valve

Lined butterfly valve


The excellent shaft seal is the most important feature of the Neotecha-lined butterfly valve. Axial up and down two sets of leaf spring loaded mechanical seal can ensure excellent shaft seal.

Adamant valves has obtained TA - Luft / VDI 2440 certification.

Elastic seat back rings ensure tight shut-off of PTFE seats and discs.Seat flanges...


What is Metal Hard Seal Ball Valve

Metal hard seal ball valve


1. Superior sealing performance

High-precision machining guarantees high-quality sealing of the spherical and seating surfaces in accordance with ANSI B16.104 Class V and VI.

2. Reliable maneuverability

The spring-loaded seat ensures that the valve seats are in close contact with the ball even under low pressure to ensure...


What is T-type three-way ball valve

T-type three-way ball valve


Efficient body construction;

Anti - blowout stem design;

More than 50% of the stem length is supported by the bushing and valve body, ensuring that the packing is only used for sealing and not for stem support, reducing stem leakage.

Anti - static structure design;

Highly finished spheres guarantee excellent performance;



Which are the specifications of sanitary valves?

Which are the specifications of sanitary valves? Sanitary butterfly valve are used with DN25 ~ DN100 caliber. The people commonly used WD61X, WD61X, WD71X, WD81X sanitary butterfly valve, the pressure is usually 100Mpa.

This product has a simple structure, is handsome in appearance, it is easy to operate, can open quickly, the fluid resistance is small, and the use of security...


How to ensure the stability performance of sanitary valves?

How to ensure the stability performance of sanitary valves?Sanitary valves are generally made of 304SS or 316 stainless steel, the production process has been completed after the special treatment, many ways can not be compared to industrial valves, they are featured by cleanliness, simple installation, etc., manufacturing valves is specifically important for food, medicine ...


The Development of Sanitary Pipes

At present, the development of sanitary-grade pipe is experiencing two major problemsSanitary pipe fittings are in the low hovering, combined with sanitary-grade pipe fittings factory hand-held orders continued to decline, the next major health-pipe factory will see how to achieve substantial loss.

Sanitary pipe fittings factory is expected to annual operating loss, facing...