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What is Lined butterfly valve


Lined butterfly valve


The excellent shaft seal is the most important feature of the Neotecha-lined butterfly valve. Axial up and down two sets of leaf spring loaded mechanical seal can ensure excellent shaft seal.

Adamant valves has obtained TA - Luft / VDI 2440 certification.

Elastic seat back rings ensure tight shut-off of PTFE seats and discs.Seat flanges provide a sealing surface for flanged connections.

3 mm thick PFA lining, ultra-thin valve plate, stem integrated design to ensure the valve high Kv value.All connections to the media are the lining material of the valve.

The primary shaft seal is achieved by an interference fit between the valve plate and the valve seat.


The secondary shaft seal is realized by the over-lip seal with the thickened stem of the lining material in combination with the flange of the center hole of the valve seat.

High-precision molding and machining of the valve body lining and valve plate ensured:- Low torque;- less stress and deformation during opening and closing;- Eliminate lining tear and squeeze phenomenon;Helium vacuum test is below 20 Pa absolute.

TFM lining material for special applications:Integral mounting of the positioning hole for the valve body provided easy and reliable installation for the center of the positioning function.Actuator top flange and stem dimensions to ISO 5211 standardAnti - blowout stem design.

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Pressure range (bar): 10 (DN40 to DN600)6 (DN700, DN800 and DN900)2.5 (DN750)

Temperature range (° C): -40 to 200 ° C

Size range (mm): 40 to 900

Flange connection: DIN PN 10 / (16) ANSI 150, JIS 10K.
General application

Sanitary butterfly valve is the ideal corrosion-resistant valve, is featured by reliable performance, off tight, constant torque, maintenance-free. Sanitary butterfly valve has successful use and performance in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, pulp, paper, semiconductor (ultra-pure water), casting and metallurgy and other corrosion conditions.All precision-machined valve components, and valves that incorporate a valve stem safety warning, provide a tightly closed seat seal and an absolute airtight stem seal.The sanitary valve is bi-directional and can be bubble-tight sealed to EN-12266-1 A leakage rating (UHMWPE ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene in accordance with B leakage class).


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