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What is Metal Hard Seal Ball Valve


Metal hard seal ball valve


1. Superior sealing performance

High-precision machining guarantees high-quality sealing of the spherical and seating surfaces in accordance with ANSI B16.104 Class V and VI.

2. Reliable maneuverability

The spring-loaded seat ensures that the valve seats are in close contact with the ball even under low pressure to ensure effective sealing. This also achieves stable switching torque in the presence of high voltage differential, wide temperature range and frequent operation.


3. Fire performance

The combination of metal seats and graphite seals ensures fire protection.

4. Material diversity

For different conditions (up to 500 ?), a variety of materials, optional components.

5. Multi-performance

Surface hardened spheres and seats allow the valve to be used in a variety of demanding conditions, such as slurry, pulp and other corrosive media for extended periods of time. Unique design of the fixed sanitary ball valves can be used for powder technology.

6. Executing agency

Adamant valves factories can provide a full range of products, including sanitary valves and actuators. There are a variety of user-recommended actuator brands. 

 TAGS:undefinedSpecial tests:

Liquid penetration; Magnetic particle inspection; PMI; X-ray. ApplicationsClean the liquid; Dirty liquid; Highly viscous medium; Corrosive medium; Sewage treatment; Silt media; Slurry; Wet mud media; Dry mud medium; Saturated Vapor; Superheated steam; Clean the gas; Dirty gas; High temperature conditions; High flow conditions. 

Technical data:

Size range: DN15 to 300Pressure rating: ANSI Class 150 to 600           

For ANSI Class 900, please consult our company

Temperature range: -29 to 500 ° C 

Standard:End to end dimensions: ANSI B16.10

Flange standard: ANSI, HG, JB / T


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