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What is T-type three-way ball valve


T-type three-way ball valve


Efficient body construction;

Anti - blowout stem design;

More than 50% of the stem length is supported by the bushing and valve body, ensuring that the packing is only used for sealing and not for stem support, reducing stem leakage.

Anti - static structure design;

Highly finished spheres guarantee excellent performance;

Enhanced PTFE bearings and packing rings ensure low friction;

Automatic valve chamber pressure release;

Can clearly indicate the position switch position;

Conforms to NACE MR0175 Sulphide brittle fracture criteria;

With a locking mechanism;

To adapt to the harsh conditions of the valve body structure;
Four Seat Features

Ball valve with four seats can be used to achieve the ball hole as a valve inlet and to ensure no leakage.

Tee L-shaped or T 3 way ball valves.

The most caliber can achieve high value of sanitary ball valves.


Design Criteria: ANSI B16.34.

Flange standard: ANSI, HG, JB / T.
Applications:Fluid splitting or merging
Special tests:Liquid penetration, Magnetic particle inspection, PMI,X-ray.

Technical data:

Four Seat (L and T).

Size range: DN15 to 200.

Pressure rating: ANSI Class 150, 300.

Temperature range: -29 to 150 ° C.


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